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Membrane-protein interactions hold the key to understanding amyloid formation

  title={Membrane-protein interactions hold the key to understanding amyloid formation},
  author={John E. Straub and D. Thirumalai},
  journal={arXiv: Soft Condensed Matter},
In this perspective we describe the critical role membranes play in modulating the structures of the Amyloid Precursor Proteins to produce the peptides involved in the Alzheimer's disease. Some of the key concepts related to protein aggregation including the potential role of the excited states of monomers in initiating protein aggregation are described. 
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Conformational Change of Amyloid-β 40 in Association with Binding to GM1-Glycan Cluster
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Tipping the Scale from Disorder to Alpha-helix: Folding of Amphiphilic Peptides in the Presence of Macroscopic and Molecular Interfaces
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