Membrane properties of the smooth muscle membrane of the guinea-pig urinary bladder

  title={Membrane properties of the smooth muscle membrane of the guinea-pig urinary bladder},
  author={Kate E. Creed},
  journal={Pfl{\"u}gers Archiv},
1. Smooth muscle cells of the guinea-pig urinary bladder, studied with micro-electrodes, had a mean resting potential of −37.3 mV. 2. Spontaneous action potentials could be recorded in normal Krebs solution and in Krebs solution made hypertonic with sucrose. These occurred at regular intervals or in bursts. Slow waves were recorded only occassionally in normal Krebs solution. 3. The amplitude of spikes was variable but spikes with overshoots of over 20 mV were often seen. The maximum rate of… CONTINUE READING

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