Membrane permeabilization by alpha-helical peptides: a flow cytometry study.

  title={Membrane permeabilization by alpha-helical peptides: a flow cytometry study.},
  author={Patrick Midoux and Roger Mayer and M. Monsigny},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1239 2},
The permeabilization by alpha-helical peptides of nucleated mammalian cells can be monitored by flow cytometry. Ethidium bromide, a non fluorescent and poorly membrane permeant molecule, becomes strongly fluorescent only upon binding to DNA. On this basis, the permeabilization of the plasma membrane of HL60 promyelocytic cells induced by alpha-helical peptides such as melittin, succinylated melittin and anionic peptides derived from the N-terminus of HA2 subunit of the influenza virus… CONTINUE READING

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