Membrane lipid organization is critical for human neutrophil polarization.

  title={Membrane lipid organization is critical for human neutrophil polarization.},
  author={Lynda M. Pierini and Robert J. Eddy and Michele Fuortes and St{\'e}phanie Seveau and Carlo Casulo and Frederick R Maxfield},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={278 12},
In response to chemoattractants neutrophils extend an actin-rich pseudopod, which imparts morphological polarity and is required for migration. Even when stimulated by an isotropic bath of chemoattractant, neutrophils exhibit persistent polarization and continued lamellipod formation at the front, suggesting that the cells establish an internal polarity. In this report, we show that perturbing lipid organization by depleting plasma membrane cholesterol levels reversibly inhibits cell… CONTINUE READING


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