Membrane lipid dynamics during human sperm capacitation.

  title={Membrane lipid dynamics during human sperm capacitation.},
  author={P. Mart{\'i}nez Mart{\'i}nez and Antoni Morros},
  journal={Frontiers in bioscience : a journal and virtual library},
Sperm membranes have an unusual lipidic composition which is distinct from those of mammalian somatic cells. They have high levels of plasmalogens, a kind of ether-linked lipids, and a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acyl groups. Plasmalogens may form non-diffusible membrane regions or domains, whereas polyunsaturated ethanolamine plasmalogens are known to destabilize the lipidic bilayer. During transit of sperm through the female reproductive tract, sperm-coating proteins bind to heparin… CONTINUE READING