Membrane depolarization induces K + efflux from subapical maize root segments

  title={Membrane depolarization induces K + efflux from subapical maize root segments},
  author={Fabio Francesco Nocito and Gian Attilio Sacchi and Maurizio Cocucci},
• The role of potassium efflux from maize ( Zea mays ) root segments in maintaining transmembrane electric potential difference (E m ) was studied in vivo , together with the involvement of outward rectifying K + channels (ORCs). • Measurements were made of the efflux of potassium (K + ) from roots when its uptake was competitively inhibited by rubidium (Rb + ), of the E m of the root cells by microelectrodes and of the unidirectional fluxes of monovalent cations. • The influx of Rb + , caesium… CONTINUE READING


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