Membrane composition modulates prestin-associated charge movement.

  title={Membrane composition modulates prestin-associated charge movement.},
  author={John L. Sfondouris and Lavanya Rajagopalan and Fred A Pereira and William E. Brownell},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={283 33},
The lateral membrane of the cochlear outer hair cell (OHC) is the site of a membrane-based motor that powers OHC electromotility, enabling amplification and fine-tuning of auditory signals. The OHC membrane protein prestin plays a central role in this process. We have previously shown that membrane cholesterol modulates the peak voltage of prestin-associated nonlinear capacitance in vivo and in vitro. The present study explores the effects of membrane cholesterol and docosahexaenoic acid… CONTINUE READING
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