Membrane-bound peptidases of lymphocytes: functional implications.

  title={Membrane-bound peptidases of lymphocytes: functional implications.},
  author={Siegfried Ansorge and Eva Schoen and Dagmar Kunz},
  journal={Biomedica biochimica acta},
  volume={50 4-6},
The paper is aimed towards the role of the membrane ecto-enzymes aminopeptidase N (CD13, AP-N) and dipeptidyl peptidase IV (CD26, DP IV) in the immune system. Both peptidases have been identified on T lymphocytes, AP-N also on monocytes and non-T cells. Using enzyme inhibitors and antibodies it has been shown by different groups that DP IV plays a key role in T cell activation and growth. Inhibition studies of our laboratory, using bestatin, actinonin and probestin, also demonstrated an… CONTINUE READING