Members of the SRY family regulate the human LINE retrotransposons.

  title={Members of the SRY family regulate the human LINE retrotransposons.},
  author={Thierry Tch{\'e}nio and James F. Casella and T. Heidmann},
  journal={Nucleic acids research},
  volume={28 2},
LINEs are endogenous mobile genetic elements which have dispersed and accumulated in the genomes of most higher eukaryotes via germline transposition, with up to 100 000 copies for the human LINE-1 (L1H) sequences. Although severely repressed in most normal tissues, L1H is still functional, with evidence for both germline and somatic-essentially in tumors-transpositions. Yet, no transcription factor that could regulate their transcription and be responsible for their transposition has hitherto… CONTINUE READING

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