Melting of Iron at Earth’s Inner Core Boundary Based on Fast X-ray Diffraction

  title={Melting of Iron at Earth’s Inner Core Boundary Based on Fast X-ray Diffraction},
  author={S. Anzellini and A. Dewaele and M. Mezouar and P. Loubeyre and G. Morard},
  pages={464 - 466}
  • S. Anzellini, A. Dewaele, +2 authors G. Morard
  • Published 2013
  • Medicine
  • Science
  • Hot Enough to Melt Iron Earth's core is divided into a fluid outer core and a solid inner core, both composed predominately of iron at extremely high pressures and temperatures. The boundary between these two regions is largely controlled by the melting point of iron at ∼330 GPa, which in turn influences heat transfer and geodynamo generation. Anzellini et al. (p. 464, see the Perspective by Fei) compressed iron in a laser-heated diamond anvil cell, tracking its structure and texture by using… CONTINUE READING
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