Melting and crystallization of nanocrystalline silicon microwires through rapid self-heating

  title={Melting and crystallization of nanocrystalline silicon microwires through rapid self-heating},
  author={Gokhan Bakan and Adam Cywar and Henrique Lopes da Silva and A. Gokirmaka},
Nanocrystalline silicon microwires are self-heated through single, large amplitude, and microsecond voltage pulses. Scanning electron micrographs show very smooth wire surfaces after the voltage pulse compared to as-fabricated nanocrystalline texture. Voltage-pulse induced self-heating leads to significant conductance improvement, suggesting crystallization of the wires. The minimum resistivity during the pulse is extracted from wires of different dimensions as 75.0 4.6 cm, matching previously… CONTINUE READING
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