• Materials Science
  • Published 2011

Meltblown nonwoven, its manufacturing method and apparatus

  title={Meltblown nonwoven, its manufacturing method and apparatus},
  author={暁雄 松原 and 晋吾 梶山 and 鈴木 健一 and 健一 鈴木 and 塩出 浩久 and 浩久 塩出 and 喬之 久保},
An object of the present invention are stable and with fine fibers is that the thick fibers generated by fusion of the thermoplastic resin fibers [fusing number] is to provide a method and apparatus for very low melt-blown nonwoven fabric, the present invention consists of polyolefin fibers, (i) an average fiber diameter of 2.0μm or less, (ii) the fiber size distribution CV value of 60% or less, (iii) fusing number per 100 fibers 15 or less, it supplies meltblown nonwoven fabric which is… CONTINUE READING