Melodramatic South Asia: In Quest of Local Cinemas in the Region

  title={Melodramatic South Asia: In Quest of Local Cinemas in the Region},
  author={Dev Nath Pathak},
  journal={Journal of Human Values},
  pages={167 - 177}
  • D. Pathak
  • Published 20 July 2017
  • Political Science, Art
  • Journal of Human Values
What is remarkably unique of the popular cinema in the region of South Asia? How does it lead beyond the vexed notions of the contemporary milieu, namely, hybrid local? How does it transcend the idea of nationally restricted local too? Looking through eclectic motley of popular cinema in the region, this article seeks to unravel such questions with reflexive propositions. It paves the way to comprehend cinematic identity of the region with the adjective of ‘melodrama’, as perceived through the… 

Intersections and Implications: When Anthropology, Art Practice, and Art History Converge

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Digital Technologies and Music Digitisation: Challenges and Opportunities for the Nepalese Music Industry

  • Subash Giri
  • Sociology
    International Journal of Music Business Research
  • 2021
Abstract This paper investigates the current legitimate digital music business trends and models created by the innovation of new digital technologies and examines their pertinence in the Nepalese



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