Melatonin in human preovulatory follicular fluid.

  title={Melatonin in human preovulatory follicular fluid.},
  author={A A Brzezinski and Machelle M. Seibel and Harry J. Lynch and Mei Hua Deng and Richard J. Wurtman},
  journal={The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism},
  volume={64 4},
Melatonin, the major hormone of the pineal gland, has antigonadotrophic activity in many mammals and may also be involved in human reproduction. Melatonin suppresses steroidogenesis by ovarian granulosa and luteal cells in vitro. To determine if melatonin is present in the human ovary, preovulatory follicular fluids (n = 32) from 15 women were assayed for melatonin by RIA after solvent extraction. The fluids were obtained by laparoscopy or sonographically controlled follicular puncture from… CONTINUE READING