Melatonin decreases the amplitude of the b-wave of the human electroretinogram

  title={Melatonin decreases the amplitude of the b-wave of the human electroretinogram},
  author={W. Emser and R. Dechoux and Malin Weiland and Anna M Wirz-Justice},
In a double-blind placebo crossover study of 13 healthy volunteers, the pineal hormone melatonin (10 mg) was given at 4 pm, and the electroretinogram measured under conditions of dark and light adaptation. A significant diminution of b-wave amplitude was found under both photopic (Δ=5.4 μV, p<0.05) and scotopic conditions (Δ=7.4 μV, p<0.01). These data indicate that melatonin may transduce the dark signal at the level of the retina as well as the pineal. Acute administration of melatonin… CONTINUE READING

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