Melatonin MT-1-receptor immunoreactivity in the human eye.

  title={Melatonin MT-1-receptor immunoreactivity in the human eye.},
  author={Peter George Meyer and Mona Pache and Karin U. Loeffler and Lena Brydon and Ralf Jockers and J. Flammer and Anna M Wirz-Justice and Egemen Savaskan},
  journal={The British journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={86 9},
AIM To examine the distribution of melatonin 1a (MT1) receptors in the human eye. METHODS Seven normal human eyes were examined by immunohistochemical staining of paraffin sections, using an anti-MT1 primary antibody and an ABC detection system. RESULTS MT1 receptor immunoreactivity (MT1-IR) was detected primarily in the inner segments of rods and cones and in retinal ganglion cells. In addition, MT1-IR was present in the adventitia of retinal arteries and veins, including the papillary… CONTINUE READING