Melanoma of unknown primary as a cause of intestinal obstruction - a case description.


Melanoma of unknown primary applies to 1-8% of all diagnosed melanomas, whereas primary melanoma of the small intestine is a extremely rare case. One of the melanoma characteristics is its capability of forming metastases in the small intestine which very often are diagnosed during autopsy.We present a case report of diagnosed melanoma of unknown primary, whose first symptom was intestinal obstruction. Before admission to the hospital cause of intestinal obstruction, the patient didn't present any signs and symptoms. All typical localizations of primary melanoma were excluded during diagnostic procedure. Palliative right hemicolectomy and segmental small intestine resection were performed. There were no complications in the postoperative course. On the ninth day the patient was discharged from hospital.Quick identification and radical resection of melanoma metastases in the alimentary tract may improve the survival rate in this group of patients. Resection, even if it is palliative by assumption, is not only the best method of elimination of persistent symptoms but it also gives hope for longer survival.

DOI: 10.2478/v10035-012-0070-8

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