Melanoma and tumor thickness: challenges of early diagnosis.

  title={Melanoma and tumor thickness: challenges of early diagnosis.},
  author={M. A. Richard and Jean Jacques Grob and Marie Avril and Michelle Delaunay and Xavier Thirion and Pierre Wolkenstein and Philippe Souteyrand and Brigitte Dr{\'e}no and Jean Jacques Bonerandi and Sophie Dalac and L Machet and Jean Guillaume and Jacqueline Chevrant-Breton and Catherine Vilmer and François Aubin and Bernard Guillot and Marie Beylot-Barry and C Lok and Nadia Raison-Peyron and Philippe Chemaly},
  journal={Archives of dermatology},
  volume={135 3},
OBJECTIVE To test the basic assumption of campaigns for early diagnosis of melanoma, ie, prognosis is correlated with the delay in the diagnosis. DESIGN Prospective study of the correlation between delays to diagnosis, assessed using a questionnaire, and the Breslow thickness as a prognosis marker. SETTING Dermatology departments in France. PATIENTS Five hundred ninety consecutive patients, referred within 12 weeks after resection of cutaneous melanoma. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Assessment… CONTINUE READING