Melanogenesis in transfected fibroblasts induces lysosomal activation

  title={Melanogenesis in transfected fibroblasts induces lysosomal activation},
  author={Jan Borovansk{\'y} and A. Mieke Mommaas and Nico P. M. Smit and Denise E Eygendaal and Alison Winder and Bert Jan Vermeer and Stan Pavel},
  journal={Archives of Dermatological Research},
Normal melanosome biogenesis requires the association of structural proteins with tyrosinase. 3T3 Swiss fibroblasts transfected with mouse tyrosinase cDNA (line 13.4, clone c) are a unique system in which melanogenesis takes place in the absence of melanosomal structural proteins. Our study confirmed that transfected fibroblasts displayed tyrosinase… CONTINUE READING