Melanie Klein today : developments in theory and practice

  title={Melanie Klein today : developments in theory and practice},
  author={Elizabeth Bott Spillius},
The Management of Affect Storms in the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy of Borderline Patients
  • O. Kernberg
  • Psychology
    Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association
  • 2003
Clinical evidence is given to support the proposed approach to affect storms, which centers on systematic analysis of the primitive internalized object relations of these patients in the transference, the use of countertransference analysis withoutcountertransference communication to the patient, and the repeated restoration of technical neutrality in the service of protecting the treatment frame.
Recent Developments in the Technical Approaches of English-Language Psychoanalytic Schools
It is proposed that two major contemporary currents may be differentiated from each other, namely, the psychoanalytic “mainstream”—derived from contemporary Kleinian, contemporary Freudian, and British independent sources, and the “intersubjectivist-interpersonal-self psychology” current.
Integrating kleinian theory and intersubjective infant research observing projective identification
Integrating kleinian theory and intersubjective infant research observing projective identification Stephen Seligman D.M.H. To cite this article: Stephen Seligman D.M.H. (1999) Integrating kleinian
‘Sea of trapezoids’: the analytic setting and virtual treatment during a pandemic
Some of the theoretical underpinnings in psychoanalytic child psychotherapy that elucidate the challenges to the work I have encountered with my child patients during the pandemic are outlined, and the clinical implications stemming from those challenges are explored.
A qualitative study exploring adolescents' experiences of peer relationships in an inpatient CAMHS setting
Aims: To explore the lived experiences of peer relationships within an adolescent psychiatric inpatient setting and investigate how adolescents perceive peer relationships to influence their
Beyond the Uncle Charles Principle
A far cry from a no thing : psychoanalytic perspectives on women and secondary amenorrhea
Secondary amenorrhea is predominantly viewed outside of the social norms, somehow beyond the natural order of things. It might appear to reside in the shadows of its menstruating counterpart, viewed
Homelessness in the mind
  • Ben Neal
  • Psychology
    Psychodynamic Practice
  • 2018
In this article, I am going to present several related, themes, based on data gathered from years of consulting to homelessness services, particularly staff and management working in the voluntary
Radical Relational Psychiatry: Toward a Democracy of Mind and People
Abstract The radical psychiatry movement of the 1960s and 1970s challenged the medical model of psychotherapy, positioning alienation as the root cause of all mental and social distress. Both cause