Melani Schröter and Charlotte Taylor (eds), Exploring Silence and Absence in Discourse: Empirical Approaches

  title={Melani Schr{\"o}ter and Charlotte Taylor (eds), Exploring Silence and Absence in Discourse: Empirical Approaches},
  author={Melani Schr{\"o}ter and Charlotte Taylor},
  journal={European Journal of Communication},
  pages={571 - 572}
This book fills a significant gap in the field by addressing the topic of absence in discourse. It presents a range of proposals as to how we can identify and analyse what is absent, and promotes the empirical study of absence and silence in discourse. The authors argue that these phenomena should hold a more central position in the field of discourse, and discuss these two topics at length in this innovative edited collection. It will appeal to students and scholars interested in discourse… 
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