Meki Nzewi and the discourse of African musicology: a 70th birthday appreciation

  title={Meki Nzewi and the discourse of African musicology: a 70th birthday appreciation},
  author={Kofi Agawu},
  journal={Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa},
  pages={1 - 18}
  • Kofi Agawu
  • Published 1 July 2008
  • Art
  • Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa
This article offers a critical appreciation of the contributions of Nigerian ethnomusicologist, composer and scholar, Meki Nzewi, to the scholarly discourse on African music. It identifies a number of recurring themes in Nzewi's work (notably the human-centredness of African music making), comments on Nzewi's language, method and manner (including the Africa-centredness of his overall stance), and points to the resonance of Nzewi's ideas and formulations within the context of postcolonial… 
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Musical Arts in Africa: Theory, Practice and Education. Edited by Anri Herbst, Meki Nzewi, and Kofi Agawu. Pretoria: University of South Africa, Unisa Press, 2003. [xv, 316 p. ISBN 1-86888-279-9.
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Review of African music: theoretical content and creative continuum, the culture exponent’s definitions by Meki Nzewi.
  • African Studies Review,
  • 2003