Meiotic chromosome pairing in Actinidia chinensis var. deliciosa

  title={Meiotic chromosome pairing in Actinidia chinensis var. deliciosa},
  author={D. Mertten and Gianna K. Tsang and Kelvina I. Manako and Mark A. McNeilage and Paul M. Datson},
Polyploids are defined as either autopolyploids or allopolyploids, depending on their mode of origin and/or chromosome pairing behaviour. Autopolyploids have chromosome sets that are the result of the duplication or combination of related genomes (e.g., AAAA), while allopolyploids result from the combination of sets of chromosomes from two or more different taxa (e.g., AABB, AABBCC). Allopolyploids are expected to show preferential pairing of homologous chromosomes from within each parental sub… CONTINUE READING
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