Meiosis activating sterols (MAS) and fertility in mammals and man.

  title={Meiosis activating sterols (MAS) and fertility in mammals and man.},
  author={Anne Grete Sjolte Byskov and Claus Y. Andersen and Lise Leonardsen and Mogens Baltsen},
  journal={The Journal of experimental zoology},
  volume={285 3},
In mammals two meiosis activating sterols (MAS) have been found to activate meiotic resumption in mouse oocytes, in vitro. FF-MAS (4, 4-dimethyl-5alpha-cholesta-8,14,24-triene-3beta-ol) was extracted from human preovulatory follicular fluid and T-MAS (4, 4-dimethyl-5alpha-cholest-8,24-diene-3beta-ol) from bull testicular tissue. Quite unexpected, these two sterols, which introduce the cholesterol biosynthetic pathway from lanosterol, may be locally acting substances with important physiological… CONTINUE READING
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