Meiofaunal and bacterial community response to diesel additions in a microcosm study.

  title={Meiofaunal and bacterial community response to diesel additions in a microcosm study.},
  author={J. Lindgren and Ida-Maja Hassell{\"o}v and I. Dahll{\"o}f},
  journal={Marine pollution bulletin},
  volume={64 3},
  • J. Lindgren, Ida-Maja Hassellöv, I. Dahllöf
  • Published 2012
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Marine pollution bulletin
  • Effects of low PAH-containing diesel were studied in a 60-day microcosm experiment at PAH concentrations 130, 1300 and 13,000μg/kg sediment. Nutrient fluxes, potential nitrification and meiofaunal community composition were analysed at three time points. Changed ∑NOx-fluxes indicated reduced sediment nitrification in Medium and High with time, in agreement with lowered potential nitrification rates in all treatments. Reduction in silicate and phosphate fluxes over time suggested severe effects… CONTINUE READING
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