Mei1 is epistatic to Dmc1 during mouse meiosis

  title={Mei1 is epistatic to Dmc1 during mouse meiosis},
  author={Laura G Reinholdt and John C. Schimenti},
The Mei1 m1Jcs allele contains a point mutation in a novel gene required for normal meiosis in male and female mice. We previously hypothesized that Mei1 is likely required for the formation of genetically programmed double-strand breaks (DSBs), the initiating event of meiotic recombination because in mutant spermatocytes (1) RAD51 foci are greatly reduced at zygonema; (2) RAD51 foci can be restored by cisplatin-induced DNA damage; and (3) phosphorylated H2AX is greatly reduced at leptonema. If… CONTINUE READING