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Megastructure: Urban Futures of the Recent Past

  title={Megastructure: Urban Futures of the Recent Past},
  author={Reyner Banham},
Between Rome, Naples and Trieste. Corviale and Other Megastructures: New Places of Cultural Exchange and Insubordination in the Contemporary City
DOI: Patrizia Montuori She is architect, Ph.D. in Retraining and Recovering urban heritage (2005, Sapienza University of Rome) and adjunct professorExpand
Megastructure Reloaded: A New Technocratic Approach to Housing Development in Ekbatan, Tehran
Under the USA’s free-market foreign policy in the 1960s and 1970s, the Tehran Redevelopment Company (TRC) in collaboration with a New York firm, Starrett Housing Corporation, undertook one of theExpand
The Flexibility Imperative, the Transformation of the Building, and the “Unbecoming” of the Traditional Interior
A shift toward the post-modern in the humanities has fostered novel discourses on spatial phenomena including the production of space, the spatialization of society and culture, and the becoming ofExpand
Asian megastructure and queer futurity
Megastructures are promulgated by a progressive set of transnational architects in the 1960s influenced by ideas of social equality, biological process, neofuturism and eco-fantasy. As complex andExpand
  • 2021
INTRODUCTION In an era of rapid transformation and global uncertainties it is evident we need to forge new pathways for the design, delivery and sustainability of future cities. In this paper, weExpand
Artificial Land Concepts and the Architecture of
In this paper, I discuss the main arguments that deal with the issue of high density and utopian architectural projects to investigate the advance of megastructure buildings and artificial landExpand
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The Next Urban H2 Order
“Fuel-Cell Urbanism” proposes a new water-energy infrastructural urban plan for Tokyo, leveraging its legacy of visionary infrastructure against the contemporary problematic importation of water andExpand
The Paradox of Democracy in the Western Modern Design Movement—Thinking about the Megastructure
As the beginning of a new type culture, the movement of modernism signify break with traditional culture, it reshaped the aspects of people’s lives with innovators attitude. In this process, theExpand