Megaphones to the Internet and the World: The Role of Blogs in Corporate Communications

  title={Megaphones to the Internet and the World: The Role of Blogs in Corporate Communications},
  author={Charles Stephen Catalano},
  journal={International Journal of Strategic Communication},
  pages={247 - 262}
  • C. S. Catalano
  • Published 15 October 2007
  • Business
  • International Journal of Strategic Communication
Corporations can create blogging guidelines, implement Web log monitoring-and-analysis programs, and launch blogs to capitalize upon this new medium of communication. During the next five years, blogging will not render the traditional tools of communication obsolete nor will it usher in a new era of corporate communications; however, it will become a permanent, fully integrated, and vital part of the media landscape. Students, academics, and practitioners interested in corporate communications… 
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  • Computer Science, Psychology
    J. Comput. Mediat. Commun.
  • 2005
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  • A. Malik
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 2003
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