Mefloquine at the crossroads? Implications for malaria chemoprophylaxis in Europe.

  title={Mefloquine at the crossroads? Implications for malaria chemoprophylaxis in Europe.},
  author={Patricia Schlagenhauf and Christoph F R Hatz and Ron H Behrens and Leo G. Visser and Maia Funk and Benedikt Holzer and Bernhard R Beck and Catherine Cuisenier Bourquin and Hermann Etter and Hansjakob Furrer and Blaise Genton and Pierre B. Landry and François Chappuis and Louis Loutan and Ulrich St{\"o}ssel and Eva Jeschko and Andrea Rossanese and Hans Dieter Nothdurft},
  journal={Travel medicine and infectious disease},
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Since its introduction to the market in 1985, mefloquine has been used for malaria chemoprophylaxis by more than 35 million travellers. In Europe, in 2014, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) issued recommendations on strengthened warnings, prescribing checklists and updates to the product information of mefloquine. Some malaria prevention advisors question the scientific basis for the restrictions and suggest that this cost-effective, anti-malarial drug will be displaced as a first-line anti… CONTINUE READING