Meeting Talk

  title={Meeting Talk},
  author={Birte Asmu{\ss} and Jan Svennevig},
  journal={Journal of Business Communication},
  pages={22 - 3}
This special issue of Journal of Business Communication focuses on an area of major interest at the workplace, namely meetings. In specific, the special issue investigates how meetings as complex social events can be understood as an interactional joint achievement of all involved participants. Hence, the special issue focuses on researching social relations, emotions, identity construction, decision making, and the social organization of meeting talk. It does so by both investigating meetings… 
Interaction in workplace meetings
The research tradition of Conversation Analysis (CA) has a long history of studying institutional interaction, but much of it has focused on situations of contact between institutional
A literature review of rapport management in business meetings
A meeting is a planned communicative event where the participants' role is to achieve the discussed objectives. Business English (BE) is often used as the lingua franca for meetings. Studies on BE
Corporate meetings as genre: a study of the role of the chair in corporate meeting talk
Abstract Meetings are the backbone of organizational life and as such constitute an important component of workplace discourse. We expand here upon earlier work which suggests that a meeting
Linking pre-meeting communication to meeting effectiveness
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to investigate the importance of communication that occurs just before workplace meetings (i.e. pre-meeting talk). The paper explores how four specific types of
Embodied orientations towards co-participants in multinational meetings
The interactional organization of meetings is an important locus of observation for understanding the way in which institutions are talked into being. This article contributes to this growing body of
Social interaction in management group meetings: a case study of Finnish hospital.
The findings show that MGMs are mainly forums for information sharing, and they appear to fulfil their goals as a part of the organization's information structure and to some extent as an instrument for management.
Participate or else!: The effect of participation in decision-making in meetings on employee engagement.
In the scope of organizational life, few events are as universal or as influential as workplace meetings. In this study, we focused our attention on better understanding the relationship between
The shifting role of a document in managing conflict and shaping the outcome of a small group meeting
Abstract Small group project work often requires students to meet outside of class. It is important that these meetings be efficacious, as the resulting projects typically figure into students’
‘OK one last thing for today then’: Constructing Identities in Corporate Meeting Talk
Meetings play a central role in the life and growth of corporate companies, especially for problem solving and decision making, and their pervasiveness means they necessarily warrant attention within
The agenda as resource for topic introduction in workplace meetings
Meetings differ from ordinary conversation in that they have an agenda that specifies in advance the topics to be addressed during the meeting. However, the introduction of these topics needs to be


Discursive Strategies in Multicultural Business Meetings
This book explores multiparty, multicultural interaction at international business meetings. It investigates discourse at an Italian company's meetings of its international distributors, conducted
Leadership and managing conflict in meetings
There is extensive literature describing the characteristics of a good leader in the area of organisational communication and business management. However, the research tends to be based on
Managing Language: The Discourse of Corporate Meetings
The book attempts to answer the question: what do managers in multinational companies really do during meetings? Following fieldwork in three corporations in Britain and Italy, the picture that
Leadership and communication: discursive evidence of a workplace culture change
Communication is an important component in the construction of workplace identities, including leader and group identities. Micro-level analysis of everyday workplace discourse provides valuable
A Conversation Analytical Approach to Business Communication
The use of conversation analysis (CA) as an applied research methodology that can be of interest to business communication is sometimes overlooked. Taking the case of leadership as an example, this
Interacting and organizing : analyses of a management meeting
Contents: Preface. F. Cooren, General Introduction. Part I: Leadership and Speakership: Which Voice Matters? F. Cooren, Introduction. J.R. Taylor, D. Robichaud, Management as Meta-Conversation: The
On laughter and disagreement in multiparty assessment talk
Abstract This study examines the interactional upshots of laughter in multiparty network conferences. It focuses on the tightly coordinated interactive work preceding, overlapping with, and following
Leadership talk: How do leaders ‘do mentoring’, and is gender relevant?
The Meeting: Gatherings in Organizations and Communities
I. Meetings: The Issues and the Approach.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Occasions and Gatherings.- 3. Meetings as Tools/Meetings as Topics.- II. The Meeting: Gatherings in an American Organization.- 4. An