Meeting Spiritual Needs: A Study Using the Spiritual Care Competence Scale

  title={Meeting Spiritual Needs: A Study Using the Spiritual Care Competence Scale},
  author={Anette Hellman and Wesley E Williams and Shelia Hurley},
  journal={Journal of Christian Nursing},
ABSTRACT: Healthcare literature suggests that many nurses fail to address patients' spiritual needs and/or identify signs of spiritual distress. A study was conducted to explore whether nurses in a medical center possessed the knowledge to assess patients' spirituality and design and implement a plan of spiritual care. The Spiritual Care Competence Scale was used to assess competence in spiritual care assessment and implementation; professionalization and improving quality; personal support and… 

Clinical Nurse Specialist Perceptions' of Spiritual Care: Nurses Need Support, Care Falls Short.

This study, the first to explore CNS spiritual care, reports on CNS' perceptions in providing spiritual care and results support that CNSs can improve spiritual care delivery.

Perceptions of Spiritual Care Education, Competence, and Barriers in Providing Spiritual Care Among Registered Nurses

There were strong associations between receiving spiritual care education in prelicensure programs or at work, and self-reported feelings of preparedness, as well as overall SCC, and the level of SCC was positively correlated with spiritual care frequency and number of years working as an RN.

Nurse Spiritual Care: Prevalence and Correlates

Several associations were found; 32.4% of the variance in frequency of spiritual care provision was explained by nurse perception that spiritual issues come up often in the work setting, high nurse spirituality score, not working in pediatrics, and having received education about spiritual care.

Competence and frequency of provision of spiritual care by nurses in the Netherlands

The better the nurses think they can provide spiritual care, the more they say they practise it, and regression analysis supports this: the factors of influence on provision of spiritual care are self-assessed competence and personal spirituality.

The level of spiritual care competence of Polish nurses and the psychometric properties of the spiritual care competence scale (SCCS)

The study showed satisfactory psychometric properties of the Polish version of the Spiritual Care Competence Scale, confirming its potential to measure the level of spiritual competence of nurses, both in education and research processes.

Spiritual Care Competence among Malaysian Staff Nurses

The majority of nurses have an average level of competence toward providing spiritual care and there was no significant relationship between nurses’ spiritual care competence and sociodemographic factors.

Translation, Cultural, and Clinical Validation of the Lithuanian Version of the Spiritual Needs Questionnaire among Hospitalized Cancer Patients

The Lithuanian version of Spiritual needs questionnaire demonstrated adequate psychometric properties of the instrument, and is recommended for clinicians in health care practice to identify patients with spiritual needs.

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  • 2022

Nurses’ Perceptions of Competence in Providing Spiritual Care

The domain of communication had the most favorable perception among participants and the domain of professionalization and improving the quality of spiritual care had the least favorable perception.



Spirituality and spiritual care from a Careful Nursing perspective.

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Careful Nursing suggests a spiritual values model that could be useful in assisting nurses to reach a shared understanding of spirituality and a spiritual approach to nursing practice.

New Zealand hospice nurses' self-rated comfort in conducting spiritual assessment.

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These findings underscore the importance of training and show how nurses can be comfortable with and capable of assessing patient spirituality.

Nursing competencies for spiritual care.

This literature review yields a competency profile that may help to structure future care, research and education in spiritual care by nurses that has three core domains and six core competencies.

Creating conditions for good nursing by attending to the spiritual.

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Nursing through spiritual care is facilitated by personal spirituality, training in spiritual care and a culture that implements changes supportive of spiritual care.