MeerKAT-64 discovers wide-spread tidal debris in the nearby NGC 7232 galaxy group

  title={MeerKAT-64 discovers wide-spread tidal debris in the nearby NGC 7232 galaxy group},
  author={B. Namumba and B. Koribalski and G. J{\'o}zsa and K. Lee-Waddell and M G Jones and C. Carignan and L. Verdes-Montenegro and R. Ianjamasimanana and W. J. G. de Blok and M. Cluver and J Garrido and S. Sanchez-Exposito and A. Ramaila and K. Thorat and L. Andati and B. Hugo and D. Kleiner and P. Kamphuis and P. Serra and O. Smirnov and F. Maccagni and S. Makhathini and D. Moln{\'a}r and S. Perkins and M. Ramatsoku and S V White and F. Loi},
We report the discovery of large amounts of previously undetected cold neutral atomic hydrogen (H i) around the core triplet galaxies in the nearby NGC 7232 galaxy group withMeerKAT. With a physical resolution of ∼1 kpc, we detect a complex web of low surface brightness H i emission down to a 4σ column density level of ∼1 × 1019 cm−2 (over 44 km s−1). The newly discovered H i streams extend over ∼20 arcmin corresponding to 140 kpc in projection. This is ∼3 times the H i extent of the galaxy… Expand


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