Meditation and the scope of mental action

  title={Meditation and the scope of mental action},
  author={Candace L. Upton and Michael Brent},
  journal={Philosophical Psychology},
  pages={52 - 71}
ABSTRACT While philosophers of mind have devoted abundant time and attention to questions of content and consciousness, philosophical questions about the nature and scope of mental action have been relatively neglected. Galen Strawson’s account of mental action, the most well developed extant account, holds that cognitive mental action consists in triggering the delivery of content to one’s field of consciousness. However, Strawson fails to recognize several distinct types of mental action that… Expand
First-person dimensions of mental agency in visual counting of moving objects
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A Plea For Mental Acts
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  • 2004
The paper discusses the kind of reflexivity at stake in mentalacts, and it is shown that the capacity to refer to oneself is not a necessary condition of the success of mental acts. Expand
The Mind's Construction: The Ontology of Mind and Mental Action
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