Meditation, Health and Scientific Investigations: Review of the Literature

  title={Meditation, Health and Scientific Investigations: Review of the Literature},
  author={Cynthia Vieira Sanches Sampaio and Manuela Garcia Lima and Ana Marice Teixeira Ladeia},
  journal={Journal of Religion and Health},
A growing number of people are seeking health recovery treatments with a holistic approach to the human being. Meditation is a mental training capable of producing connection between the mind, body and spirit. Its practice helps people to achieve balance, relaxation and self-control, in addition to the development of consciousness. At present, meditation is classified as a complementary and integrative technique in the area of health. The purpose of this review of the literature was to describe… 
Prescribing Mindfulness for Heart Health
  • M. Ghaffari
  • Medicine
    Online Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine
  • 2019
The aim of this article is to explore and describe what meditation is, its practices and effects on health, demonstrated by consistent scientific investigations and to review the existing literature.
Medicine Buddha: A Transdual Self-model Meditation to Support Healthcare Practitioners
The theory and practice of a traditional Buddhist practice, Medicine Buddha, is examined within a framework of transduality as a way to illuminate and empower core mechanisms of healing to support healthcare practitioners in both self-care and patient care.
The Source of Life: Meditation and Spirituality in Healthcare for a Comprehensive Approach to The COVID-19 Syndemic
The spiritual accompaniment proposed here is centered on meditation and is part of a historic tradition, although it is promoted with language adapted to the modern era, which has for decades helped many people following this path.
Ethereal Phenomena - Interactive Art, Meditation, and Breathing Biofeedback: From Mind and Body Wellness Towards Self-Transcendence
Ethereal Phenomena is an interactive installation in which a user meditates in front of a digital illustration based on Tibetan thangka art that reacts to the way they breathe. The biofeedback of the
Psychedelic Psychotherapy: Building Wholeness Through Connection
A novel psychotherapeutic methodology utilizing psychedelic medicines as catalyzing agents is presented, one that provides a developmental model to promotes self-actualization and whole health, and represents a paradigm shift in healing.
Behavioral Medicine Methods in Treatment of Somatic Conditions
A short review of noninvasive, nonpharmacological treatment methods used in somatic illnesses that fall under the umbrella of approach called behavioral medicine, finding two groups of methods can be distinguished by the scrutiny and level of evidence gathered in their effectiveness assessment.
Psychologists and Psychiatrists Became Interested in Buddhism
  • T. Giraldi
  • Psychology
    Psychotherapy, Mindfulness and Buddhist Meditation
  • 2019
The translation of Buddhist scriptures allowed Western scholars to access the rich collection of Buddhist texts. Initial researchers of the psychology of religiosity, such as William James and Carl
Digital meditation platforms : searching for "App"iness
Meditation and mindfulness apps are a popular and convenient option for busy meditators to access improved mental health. Millions of people now meditate with a wearable or smartphone app, which
Online Transpersonal Meditation as a Method for Confronting the Pandemic: Traditional Knowledge in Dialogue with Psychology
This paper describes the experience of building a psychological technique based on a dialogue between Traditional Knowledge and psychology. The project, developed through a participatory research


Meditation and psychiatry.
  • M. McGee
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Psychiatry (Edgmont (Pa. : Township))
  • 2008
This review analyzes the nature of meditation and its therapeutic benefits, and concludes with a summary of the issues pertinent to the adjunctive use of meditation in psychiatric care.
Meditação, bem-estar e a ciência psicológica: revisão de estudos empíricos
Sitting and silent meditation can be described as a mental training, which has been traditionally associated with well-being. The growing scientific interest in it has helped confirm this association
Meditation to fit the person: Psychology and the meditative way
  • R. Willis
  • Psychology
    Journal of Religion and Health
  • 2005
Meditative experience lends support to the conclusion that successful meditation also positively affects growth by touching man's inner life source, expanding his consciousness, and revealing personal life directions.
Os efeitos da meditação à luz da investigação científica em Psicologia: revisão de literatura
Meditation, described as a practice of body and mind self-regulation, is characterized by a set of techniques that train the focalization of attention. Also known as a mental training, this practice
The use of meditation in psychotherapy: a review of the literature.
  • G. Bogart
  • Psychology
    American journal of psychotherapy
  • 1991
The question of whether meditation should be used in therapy can be answered only by considering what therapeutic goals are being sought in a particular instance and whether or not meditation can reasonably be expected to facilitate achievement of those goals.
Mindfulness-based stress reduction for stress management in healthy people: a review and meta-analysis.
MBSR showed a nonspecific effect on stress reduction in comparison to an inactive control, both in reducing stress and in enhancing spirituality values, and a possible specific effect compared to an intervention designed to be structurally equivalent to the meditation program.
Systematic review of the efficacy of meditation techniques as treatments for medical illness.
Clear and reproducible evidence supporting efficacy from large, methodologically sound studies is lacking, but benefit was demonstrated for mood and anxiety disorders, autoimmune illness, and emotional disturbance in neoplastic disease.
Meditation Programs for Psychological Stress and Well-being: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Meditation in health: an operational definition.
Meditation therapy for anxiety disorders.
Transcendental meditation is comparable with other kinds of relaxation therapies in reducing anxiety, and Kundalini Yoga did not show significant effectiveness in treating obsessive-compulsive disorders compared with Relaxation/Meditation.