Medieval Meteorology

  title={Medieval Meteorology},
  author={Anne Lawrence‐Mathers},
The practice of weather forecasting underwent a crucial transformation in the Middle Ages. Exploring how scientifically-based meteorology spread and flourished from c.700–c.1600, this study reveals the dramatic changes in forecasting and how the new science of 'astro-meteorology' developed. Both narrower and more practical in its approach than earlier forms of meteorology, this new science claimed to deliver weather forecasts for months and even years ahead, on the premise that weather is… 
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Sidereal Astrology in Medieval Europe (Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries): Traces of a Forgotten Tradition

  • C. Nothaft
  • Physics
    International Journal of Divination and Prognostication
  • 2022
Sets of astronomical tables available in Latin Europe during the Middle Ages can be classified based on whether they imitated Ptolemy in using a tropical zodiac for displaying planetary mean

Nautical astrology: a forgotten early modern tradition.

While the link between navigation and astronomy is quite evident and its history has been extensively explored, the prognosticatory element included in astronomical knowledge has been almost

Accounting for a Fruitful Little Ice Age: Overlapping Scales of Climate and Culture in Württemberg, 1560–1590

This article questions a popular narrative of how the Little Ice Age (LIA) shaped the modern world. In that narrative, a cold phase of the LIA in Europe from around 1560 to 1630 caused crises that

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Daily Weather Observations in Sixteenth-Century Europe

Thirty-two weather diaries written in astronomical calendars in central Europe in the late fifteenth and sixteenth centuries are presented and discussed. Systematic weather observations were promoted

Astrometeorology in the Middle Ages

ASTROMETEOROLOGY IS A USEFUL TERM to denote the attempt to predict the weather by means of astrological calculations. Here I shall examine medieval astrometeorological texts by Western Latin authors

The Jagiellonians and the Stars: Dynasty-Sponsored Astrology in the Fifteenth Century

Mediaeval scholars attempted to fit received data and information from empirical observation into a pre-ordained model of the universe. Astrology was, and in many cases still is, a form of applied

Richard Trewythian and the Uses of Astrology in Late Medieval England

  • Sophie Page
  • Physics
    Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes
  • 2001
The notebook of Richard Trewythian in the British Library, London, provides important evidence for the practice of astrology in 15th-century England. Trewythian's astrological practice suggests that

Weather Prognostics in Anglo-Saxon England

Prognostics concerning the day of the week on which kalendae ianuariae and Christmas Day fall, commonly known as the Revelatio Esdrae , purport to be a set of prophecies by the Biblical Esdras. They

A Weather Record for 1399-1406 A.D.

One of the fullest, if not indeed the most detailed, weather record for so early a date is provided by a manuscript in the University library at Basel, where more than a hundred leaves of folio size

A History Of Western Astrology

The story of the history of Western astrology begins with the philosophers of Greece in the 5th century BC. the Greeks added numerology, geometry and rational thought. The philosophy of Plato and

Astronomical Knowledge Transmission Through Illustrated Aratea Manuscripts

This chapter presents an overview of the principal authors and manuscript traditions well known for transmitting much of the existing astronomical information through the Middle Ages, and provides an

British Weather and the Climate of Enlightenment

Enlightenment inquiries into weather sought to impose order on a force that had the power to alter human life and social conditions. "British Weather and the Climate of Enlightenment" reveals how a

Academic Consulting In Fifteenth-Century Vienna: The Case Of Astrology

This chapter discusses the involvement of university masters in astrological practice near Vienna that will complicate the picture further. It traces an intriguing pattern of change in the background