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Medieval Cities of Europe: Click, Tweet, Map, and Present

  title={Medieval Cities of Europe: Click, Tweet, Map, and Present},
  author={Kathryn L. Reyerson and Kevin Mummey and Jude Higdon},
  journal={The History Teacher},
DuRing sPRing sEMEsTER 2010, a long-standing upper-division lecture course, Medieval Cities of Europe, 500-1500 CE, underwent a course transformation.1 Our goal was to address specific challenges with student engagement that we had experienced in the course in the past; our overarching strategy was to introduce technology into the course to allow students additional opportunities to engage with the material and get feedback. This course had been taught since the late 1970s to student audiences… Expand
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Based on our experience of using Twitter in the classroom, CLA-OiT has designed an alternative response system called Chimein, discussed in "Twitter, Wordle, and Chimein
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University of Toronto, Center for Medieval studies, directed by Michael Edmunds, 30 minutes, videocassette, 1981. 5. London: The Making of a City-1066-1500
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Map 2 by History 3611 students who also correctly identified the map as that of Bruges
    The scrubbed PowerPoint slides were produced by Jude Higdon