Medicolegal death investigator preemployment test development.


The medicolegal death investigator (MDI) represents an essential component in the multidisciplinary investigation of sudden and unexpected deaths. Presently there exists no specific program for the job training evaluation procedure for new (MDI) employees. We discuss the development of a medicolegal death investigator preemployment training tool, which consists of a training and evaluation program containing a list of tasks and task steps. After the investigator demonstrates the ability to perform individual tasks independently, the trainee will be objectively evaluated by the completion of a written test specifically designed to cover the task items. The preemployment test has been developed by those professionals best able to determine the job requirements, the death investigators. The specific outcomes of the process also include further definition of the profession, preemployment testing, policy and procedure development, posttraining evaluation, identification of training needs, curriculum design and further professional development, and identification of the profession of death investigator.

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