Medicolegal aspects of tetrazepam metabolism

  title={Medicolegal aspects of tetrazepam metabolism},
  author={M. Pavlic and K. Libiseller and P. Grubwieser and H. Schubert and W. Rabl},
  journal={International Journal of Legal Medicine},
  • M. Pavlic, K. Libiseller, +2 authors W. Rabl
  • Published 2006
  • Medicine
  • International Journal of Legal Medicine
  • The benzodiazepine tetrazepam is primarily muscle relaxant with comparably lower central sedating effects and is therefore commonly prescribed for muscle spasms of different origins. To evaluate tetrazepam metabolism, a study was conducted with ten healthy volunteers. Blood and urine samples were regularly collected after the intake of 50 mg tetrazepam. Toxicological analyses revealed that tetrazepam is also metabolized to diazepam and further to nordazepam, which has not yet been reported… CONTINUE READING
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