Medicine among the Ancient Hebrews

  title={Medicine among the Ancient Hebrews},
  author={Maurice Bear Gordon},
  pages={454 - 485}
rT HE author of this monograph was prompted to write it because he believes that there has never been a satisfactory survey of the status of medicine among the ancient Hebrews. True, there have been many studies concerning medicine in the Bible, but these almost invariably have been colored by rabbinic and talmudic material. The author wishes to make clear that he in no way wishes to deprecate the Talmud, which is truly a masterful work, nor does he wish to minimize the research of the noted… 
The Medical History of Rabbi Judah the Patriarch: A Linguistic Analysis
It is suggested that it may be possible to explain all the clinical and familial aspects of Rabbi Judah's disease by diagnosing the presence of inflammatory bowel disease, with its known clinical and genetic associations with arthritis and with psoriasis.
A New Reading of Shiphrah and Puah – Recovering their Voices
Scholars have long debated whether Shiphrah and Puah, the feisty midwives of Exodus 2, were Hebrew or Egyptian. This article takes on the linguistic issue of their ethnicity and the etymology of
Historical medicine: Biblical and talmudic surgery and surgical practice
The aim of the paper is to introduce the history of the craft of surgery from biblical times throughout the talmudic period focusing on historical and medical perspectives.
Review Article The Medico-Legal Autopsy -It's Religious and Social Attitudes
An autopsy is a post-mortem assessment or examination of a body. It is performed by a physician trained in the specialty and authorized by law. The approach of the forensic pathologist to the
Sixty-third Critical Bibliography of the History and Philosophy of Science and of the History of Civilization (to October 1942)
THE latest Critical Bibliography to appear was the sixty-second which was published in Isis (34, 4294, 1942), but two bibliographies, nos. 58 and 59, are thus far unavailable to the majority of our
The Bancroft Memorial Lecture
S FROM MEDICAL LITERATUREMedicine ORIGINAL ARTICI,ESPage The Bancroft Memorial Lecture-Anthropologyand the Medicine of Moses, by A. A. Abbie .. .. 925 Some Observations on Certain Head Injuries of
The historical development of clinical therapeutic trials.
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A pseudo - epigraphic work which pretends to be a revelation from God . Its interpretation of the Pentatench serves as a textbook to the Cabalists . 58
  • Fever was regarded as Nature ’ s effort to expel morbific matter and restore health
A pseudo-epigraphic work which pretends to be a revelation from God. Its interpretation of the Pentatench serves as a textbook to the Cabalists
And it came to pass when ISAAC was old that his eyes were dim so that he could not see.216 2. Now the eyes of ISRAEL were dim for age so that he could not see
Baba Batina, 47b. 67a. 1 he Pentateuch refers to the art of the apothecary
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Fever was regarded as Nature's effort to expel morbific matter and restore health; (2) 26a
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