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Medicinal properties of Pitaya : a review Pitaya ’ nın tedavi edici özelli ğ i : derleme

  title={Medicinal properties of Pitaya : a review Pitaya ’ nın tedavi edici {\"o}zelli ğ i : derleme},
  author={Jia Chi Choo and R. Y. Koh and A. Ling},
Pitaya (also known as dragon fruit) is a nutritional fruit that consumed widely in many countries nowadays. It is oval in shape and the peel appears as scaly structure. The flesh of the fruit is juicy and sweet with numerous small and edible black seeds. Three species of pitaya are commonly consumed, namely Hylocereus polyrhizus, H. undatus and H. megalanthus. The 3 species are distinguished based on their shape, size and color of their flesh. H. polyrhizus or red pitaya comes with red peel and… CONTINUE READING

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