Medicinal chemistry of adenosine A3 receptor ligands.

  title={Medicinal chemistry of adenosine A3 receptor ligands.},
  author={Christa E. M{\"u}ller},
  journal={Current topics in medicinal chemistry},
  volume={3 4},
A(3) Adenosine receptors (ARs) exhibit large species differences. Potent, selective agonists for rat (e.g. Cl-IB-MECA, 5) and human A(3) ARs (e.g. PENECA, 17, and analogs) have been developed during the past years. Potent, selective antagonists for human A(3) ARs include the imidazopurinones PSB-10 (28) and PSB-11 (29), the pyrazolotriazolopyrimidines MRE-3005F20 (38) and analogs, and the dihydropyridines (e.g. MRS-1334, 50). For rat A(3) ARs only moderately potent antagonists have been… CONTINUE READING
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