Medical virtual reality.

  title={Medical virtual reality.},
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Virtual Reality Use for Symptom Management in Palliative Care: A Pilot Study to Assess User Perceptions.
Support is provided for VR as a promising new therapeutic modality for patients undergoing palliative care as well as user perceptions of the VR experience in this population. Expand
Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Virtual Reality in Pediatrics: Effects on Pain and Anxiety
Large effect sizes indicate that VR is an effective distraction intervention to reduce pain and anxiety in pediatric patients undergoing a wide variety of medical procedures. Expand
Toward Whole-Hand Kinesthetic Feedback: A Survey of Force Feedback Gloves
By examining existing force feedback gloves, the pros and cons of existing design solutions to the major sub-systems including sensing, actuation, control, transmission and structure are discussed. Expand
Use of Commercial Off-The-Shelf Devices for the Detection of Manual Gestures in Surgery: Systematic Literature Review
The field was still in the exploratory phase in areas requiring touchless manipulation within environments and settings that must adhere to asepsis and antisepsis protocols, such as angiography suites and operating rooms. Expand
  • 2018
  • 2018
Development of an Integrated Actuated Hand Orthosis and Virtual Reality System for Home-Based Rehabilitation
The development of such an integrated system for hand and upper extremity rehabilitation is described, which can facilitate appropriate therapy while the virtual reality can provide a conduit for maintaining human interaction and engagement in the home environment. Expand
Soft robotic devices for hand rehabilitation and assistance: a narrative review
A global review of devices that have been previously attempted could facilitate the development of new and improved devices in the next step towards obtaining clinical proof of the rehabilitative effects of soft robotics in hand dysfunction. Expand
Effects of music therapy and distraction cards on pain relief during phlebotomy in children.
Pain and anxiety relief was seen in all three methods during phlebotomy; however, no statistically significant difference was observed. Expand