Medical student training: five year backward view

  title={Medical student training: five year backward view},
  author={John . Oldham and Sam Everington},
  journal={British Medical Journal},
Urgent modernisation is required across the board 
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Medical education research should extend further into clinical practice
The ultimate purpose of medical education is to develop a workforce to provide and improve patient care, and relative lack of success in linking learner outcomes with patient impact perpetuates the idea that it is not possible to ‘close the education loop’.
Amphetamine extended-release oral suspension (Adzenys ER™) and orally disintegrating tablets (Adzenys XR-ODT®) in attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: a profile of their use
The use of Adzenys ER™ suspension/XR-ODT® may be of particular benefit in individuals who require a rapid onset and prolonged reduction in ADHD symptoms, as well as those who have difficulty swallowing tablets or capsules whole.