Medical history: Seishu hanaoka and his success in breast cancer surgery under general anesthesia two hundred years ago

  title={Medical history: Seishu hanaoka and his success in breast cancer surgery under general anesthesia two hundred years ago},
  author={Masaru Izuo},
  journal={Breast Cancer},
  • M. Izuo
  • Published 2004
  • Medicine
  • Breast Cancer
In 1804, Seishu Hanaoka performed the first successful surgical treatment of breast cancer under general anesthesia in the world. It preceeded by 38 years C W Long’s trial of ether anesthesia in 1842. In this paper, Hanaoka’s biography and his contributions to surgery and anesthesiology in those days, and also his advanced ideas about medicine and sanitation are presented.Hanaoka had made many efforts to develop the optimal prescriptionof the anesthetic“Tsusensan (or Mafutsu-To)”for almost 20… 
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[A study on Seishu Hanaoka's "Nyugan Seimei Roku": a name list of breast cancer patients].
  • A. Matsuki
  • Medicine
    Nihon ishigaku zasshi. [Journal of Japanese history of medicine]
  • 2002
The study of his breast cancer patients is essential and indispensable for understanding Seishu Hanaoka's medical biography in depth, but the descriptions of names, dates and addresses of the patients written in "Nyugan Seimei Roku" are incorrect and they do not always agree with those in other historical documents.