[Medical assessment after a pre-eclampsia: why? for whom? when? how? for what purpose?].


The internist has a relevant role in the medical assessment which is mandatory after every case of pre-eclampsia. This postnatal visit has to be performed to assert there is no underlying disorder such as chronic arterial hypertension or nephropathy, autoimmune disease or thrombophilia. This visit is also needed to provide information to the woman about what occurred during the pregnancy as well as to consider which would have to be done in case of a subsequent pregnancy. Long-term outcome had also to be taken into account considering risks for cardiac, arterial, renal and metabolic diseases. This visit is of outmost importance after very early-onset pre-eclampsia, and especially if it has already occurred. The postnatal visit after pre-eclampsia represents a very demonstrative example of the role that the internist can afford to the obstetrician in the management of medical disorders occurring during pregnancy and needing a specific expertise as well as a long-term follow-up.

DOI: 10.1016/j.revmed.2010.07.011


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