Medical Student Opinions on their Training in Clinical


BACKGROUND Prescribing medication is one of the most important activities of all physicians; regardless of the specialty.1 Adverse events arising from medication-related errors are frequent in hospitals and are a serious concern for patient safety.2,3 In the UK and US, an estimated 1-2% of patients are harmed by medication errors, which include errors in both prescribing (decisions regarding which drug to use and how) and prescription (process of writing prescriptions properly and accurately).3,4 Prescribing mistakes are also a common cause of medical malpractice claims, occasionally resulting in physician removal from practice.5 Spending on drugs represents the second largest category of health care expenditure in Canada.6 Rising drug costs and demand continue to make limited healthcare resource allocation more challenging. In addition, medication safety is increasingly recognized as a major patient safety issue. For these reasons, safe and costeffective use of drug therapies has become a major concern for the public and policymakers. Medical trainees must be adequately trained to meet the therapeutics and prescribing challenges. There have been concerns internationally that undergraduate education and

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