Medical Need, Equality, and Uncertainty

  title={Medical Need, Equality, and Uncertainty},
  author={Lendell Chad Horne},
  journal={Public Health Law \& Policy eJournal},
  • L. Horne
  • Published 1 October 2016
  • Medicine, Political Science
  • Public Health Law & Policy eJournal
Many hold that distributing healthcare according to medical need is a requirement of equality. Most egalitarians believe, however, that people ought to be equal on the whole, by some overall measure of well-being or life-prospects; it would be a massive coincidence if distributing healthcare according to medical need turned out to be an effective way of promoting equality overall. I argue that distributing healthcare according to medical need is important for reducing individuals' uncertainty… 
Evaluation as institution: a contractarian argument for needs-based economic evaluation
  • W. Rogowski
  • Medicine, Political Science
    BMC medical ethics
  • 2018
The view of economic evaluation presented here may help account for fairness concerns in the further development of evaluation methods because it directs the attention away from determining some unit of value to be maximized towards determining those persons who are most likely not to consent and meeting their concerns.
A market failures approach to justice in health
It is argued that a complete theory of justice in health can be derived from a commitment to correcting market failure, or in other words promoting Pareto-efficiency, in the domain of health.
Sustainability, equal treatment, and temporal neutrality
  • G. Persad
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Journal of Medical Ethics
  • 2021
It is suggested that while the value of temporal neutrality underlying such a principle is compelling, it is already implicit in the more basic principle of equal treatment.


Public Insurance and Equality: From Redistribution to Relation
Public insurance is commonly assimilated with redistributive tools mobilized by the welfare state in the pursuit of an egalitarian ideal. This view contains some truth, since the result of insurance,
The Market for `Lemons
Process for the preparation of C4 dicarboxylic organic acids such as fumaric and succinic acids as well as mixtures thereof by the catalytic vapor phase oxidation of 2-butene at temperatures of up to
It is worth noting that the AMA has specifically resisted incorporating considerations of cost-effectiveness into the definition of medical necessity
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Norman Daniels also employs this definition in his influential account of justice in healthcare. Daniels, op. cit. note 1
  • Regulation
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For a vivid account of the death spiral in action, see
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can Medical Association to the Institute of Medicines Committee on Determination of Essential Health Benefits
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