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Medical Imaging with Deep Learning for COVID- 19 Diagnosis: A Comprehensive Review

  title={Medical Imaging with Deep Learning for COVID- 19 Diagnosis: A Comprehensive Review},
  author={Subrato Bharati and Prajoy Podder and M. Rubaiyat Hossain Mondal and V. B. Surya Prasath},
The outbreak of novel coronavirus disease (COVID- 19) has claimed millions of lives and has affected all aspects of human life. This paper focuses on the application of deep learning (DL) models to medical imaging and drug discovery for managing COVID-19 disease. In this article, we detail various medical imaging-based studies such as X-rays and computed tomography (CT) images along with DL methods for classifying COVID-19 affected versus pneumonia. The applications of DL techniques to medical… Expand
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CO-IRv2: Optimized InceptionResNetV2 for COVID-19 detection from chest CT images
It is shown here that for the case of CT images, CO-IRv2 with Nadam optimizer has better performance than existing DL algorithms in the diagnosis of COVID-19 patients. Expand


Diagnosis of COVID-19 using CT scan images and deep learning techniques
This manuscript focuses on differentiating the CT scan images of COVID-19 and non-COVID 19 CT using different deep learning techniques and the VGG-19 proved to be superior with an accuracy of 94.52 % as compared to all other deep learning models. Expand
Application of deep learning techniques for detection of COVID-19 cases using chest X-ray images: A comprehensive study
This paper proposes a DL assisted automated method using X-ray images for early diagnosis of COVID-19 infection and evaluates the effectiveness of eight pre-trained Convolutional Neural Network models such as AlexNet, VGG-16, GoogleNet, MobileNet-V2, SqueezeNet, ResNet-34, Res net-50 and Inception-V3 for classification of CO VID-19 from normal cases. Expand
Deep learning Enables Accurate Diagnosis of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) with CT images
A deep learning-based CT diagnosis system (DeepPneumonia) was developed and showed that the established models can achieve a rapid and accurate identification of COVID-19 in human samples, thereby allowing identification of patients. Expand
A deep learning algorithm using CT images to screen for Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19)
The results demonstrate the proof-of-principle for using artificial intelligence to extract radiological features for timely and accurate COVID-19 diagnosis. Expand
COVID-Net: a tailored deep convolutional neural network design for detection of COVID-19 cases from chest X-ray images
COVID-Net is introduced, a deep convolutional neural network design tailored for the detection of COVID-19 cases from chest X-ray (CXR) images that is open source and available to the general public, and COVIDx, an open access benchmark dataset comprising of 13,975 CXR images across 13,870 patient patient cases. Expand
Estimating Uncertainty and Interpretability in Deep Learning for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Detection
This paper investigates how drop-weights based Bayesian Convolutional Neural Networks (BCNN) can estimate uncertainty in Deep Learning solution to improve the diagnostic performance of the human-machine team using publicly available COVID-19 chest X-ray dataset and shows that the uncertainty in prediction is highly correlates with accuracy of prediction. Expand
Automated detection of COVID-19 cases using deep neural networks with X-ray images
A new model for automatic COVID-19 detection using raw chest X-ray images is presented and can be employed to assist radiologists in validating their initial screening, and can also be employed via cloud to immediately screen patients. Expand
Diagnosing COVID-19 pneumonia from x-ray and CT images using deep learning and transfer learning algorithms
A simple convolution neural network and modified pre-trained AlexNet model are applied on the prepared X-rays and CT scan images and the result shows that the utilized models can provide accuracy up to 98% via pre- trained network and 94.1% accuracy by using the modified CNN. Expand
Explainable Deep Learning for Pulmonary Disease and Coronavirus COVID-19 Detection from X-rays
Experimental analysis on 6,523 chest X-rays belonging to different institutions demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed approach, with an average time for COVID-19 detection of approximately 2.5 seconds and an average accuracy equal to 0.97. Expand
InstaCovNet-19: A deep learning classification model for the detection of COVID-19 patients using Chest X-ray
InstaCovNet-19’s ability to detect COVID-19 without any human intervention at an economical cost with high accuracy can benefit humankind greatly in this age of Quarantine. Expand