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Medical Data Mining Techniques for Health Care Systems

  title={Medical Data Mining Techniques for Health Care Systems},
  author={R. N. Kumar and M. Anand Kumar},
Due to the sequence in the information technology, the prevalence of the healthcare organizations conserves their data electronically. Enormous progress in medical data leads to be scarce in the mining of well-informed in series from the mass data. There is a necessity for accomplished analysis tools to resolve covered relatives and desire in data. Data mining can represent new biomedical and healthcare details for clinical preference. The relationship comes together from the data of patients… 
Data Mining In HealthCare Datasets
  • Vydehi
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • 2017
Various data mining techniques such as classification, clustering, association, regression in health domain, which has been target on recent research being carried out using the data mining methods to improve the diseases for forecasting process.
Prediction of Heart Diseases through Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining
  • A. P. Kumar
  • Computer Science, Medicine
    International Journal of Software Engineering and Its Applications
  • 2019
Data mining in medical sector helps doctors for diagnosis and treatment of diseases, this paper makes an effort to study and find interesting patterns from the data of patients.
A Novel Feature Selection Algorithm with Dempster Shafer Fusion Information for Medical Datasets
A new feature selection algorithm is projected based on highest relevance and least redundancy criterion and the results show better performance of proposed approach when compared with some existing algorithms.
Steering clustering of medical data in a Self-Enforcing Network (SEN) with a cue validity factor
  • C. Klüver
  • Computer Science
    2016 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI)
  • 2016
The results show that a user can influence the clustering of data by SEN, thus allowing the analysis of the data depending on economical, medical or nursing interests.
Prediction of Diabetic Obese Patients using Fuzzy KNN Classifier based on Expectation Maximization, PCA and SMOTE Algorithms
A model proposed to predict diabetic obese patients based on Expectation Maximization, PCA, and SMOTE Algorithms in the preprocessing and feature extraction phases, and using Fuzzy KNN classifier in the prediction phase, and outperforms other model applied on the same dataset.


Parkinson Disease Classification using Data Mining Algorithms
This paper intends to provide a survey of current techniques of knowledge discovery in databases using data mining techniques that are in use today for the classification of Parkinson Disease.
" Intelligent Heart Disease Prediction System Using Data Mining Techniques "
There is need of developing a master's project which will help practitioners predict the heart disease before it occurs and how to turn data into useful information that can enable healthcare practitioners to make intelligent clinical decisions.
A Data Mining Analysis of The Parkinson’s Disease
This study attempts to use data mining method to analyze the databank of Parkinson's disease and explore whether the voice measurement variables can be the diagnostic tool for the Parkinson’s disease.
Predicting breast cancer survivability using data mining techniques
In this paper, appropriate and efficient networks for breast cancer knowledge discovery from clinically collected data sets are investigated and principal component techniques are used to reduce the dimension of data and find appropriate networks.
Classification Rule Construction Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Breast Cancer Data Sets
This proposed work is intended to develop Classification rules to extract data from historical or training data of patients which is developed into patterns relevant for diagnosis and suitable for quicker analysis, automated processing, thus reducing cost and helping to provide enhanced care and better cure.
Predicting Survival Causes After Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest using Data Mining Method
Data mining methods could help clinicians to predict the survival of patients and then adapt their practices accordingly and could become possible to build a decision tree rapidly with the data of a service or a physician.
Fuzzy Relational Equation In Preventing Neuropathy Diabetic
The proposed detection system uses one committee of Multilayer Perceptron Neural Networks (MLP) for each one of the entity and using back propagation algorithm the multilayer perceptron works again and again to remove errors in the network.
A Data Mining Approach for the Detection of High-Risk Breast Cancer Groups
It is shown that it is possible to find statistically significant associations with breast cancer by deriving a decision tree and selecting the best leaf, and permutation tests were used.
A Case Study of Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis using Artificial Neural Networks
Multi- Layer Perceptron with back-propagation learning algorithm and Radial Basis Function ANNs were used to differentiate between clinical variables of samples who were suffering from Parkinson's disease and who were not and it was observed that MLP is the best classification.
Rule discovery using hierarchical classification structure with rough sets
The proposed classification method generates minimal classification rules and an explicit and effective structure is achieved in consequence, and the computational burden for the classification rule discovery is considerably reduced.