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Medical Benefits of the Shea Nut Tree

  title={Medical Benefits of the Shea Nut Tree},
  author={MaKeish N Dennie},
Anti-Diabetic and Safety Properties of Aqueous Stem Bark Extract of Vitelleria paradoxa in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats
Background: Diabetes is considered the third leading cause of death around the globe with a projection increase of its prevalence by 2030. Aim: The study was aimed at investigating the anti-diabeticExpand
Preservation of Quality of Table Eggs Using Vegetable Oil and Shea Butter
The poultry industry in Nigeria keeps expanding on a daily basis and it is faced with the problem of egg glut almost yearly. Most of the poultry are raised in rural environments where there is noExpand
Morphophysiological Changes in the Liver of Wistar Rats Exposed to Acute and Chronic Concentrations of Vitellaria paradoxa
It is shown that Vitellaria paradoxa seem s to be unsafe follow ing a prolonged administration, therefore, caution should be taken in its both short and long term usage. Expand
Pelembap digunakan untuk mempertahankan kelembapan kulit karena mengandung humektan, oklusif, dan emolien, dapat menimbulkan efek samping sehingga perlu diganti dengan bahan alami seperti ekstrak shea butter 5%. Expand


Active naturals have a key role in atopic dermatitis.
This work states that Elsevier Inc. will not assume responsibility for damages, loss, or claims of any kind arising from orrelated to the information contained in this publication, including any claims related to the products, drugs, or services mentioned herein. Expand
Microbiological and physicochemical characterization of shea butter sold on Benin markets
Shea butter, a fat from the nuts of shea tree, is of great nutritional and commercial value for local communities of Africa. The sanitary and physicochemical qualities of shea butter sold in BeninExpand
Nutrient content and anti-nutritional factors in shea butter (Butryospermum parkii) leaves
Sample of shea-butter leaves were analyzed for, anti-nutrients and proximate composition. The proximate result showed that the leaf has high content of carbohydrate (13.82%) compared to other typesExpand
Triterpene alcohol and fatty acid composition of shea nuts from seven African countries.
Both stearic acid and total triterpene alcohol contents were significantly correlated to the latitude and elevation of the source population, indicating that higher levels of these compounds are found at higher ambient temperatures. Expand
Shea Butter Republic: State Power, Global Markets, and the Making of an Indigenous Commodity
Chapter 1 Indigenous Commodities and Colonial Market Reforms in Northern Chana Chapter 2 The Culture and Politics of Shea Commercialization in the 1980s Chapter 3 Reworking Cosmopolitan Consumption:Expand
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Winter Itch Sheperd Integrative Dermatology Notebook 10 Internet Sources 1. Maraesa
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